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Cooking with Courtney...

...or something like that. ;-)

The Original PseudoChef
5 November 1980
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Y'all know all this boring stuff about me (my "normal" lj is heels_on, just in case you didn't know), so instead of the same 'ol, same 'ol, I present you with my current favorite food(and drink)stuff products of convenience:

smartwater. A Fuji water snob who has seen the light, and it is called SmartWater. For some reason, this bottled water just tastes better to me--better than all the rest. I loves me some expensive, glorified tap water, I do. ;-)

Starbucks' Grande Soy Sugar Free Vanilla Latte (no whip). I love this. Far too much, indeed.

Light Vanilla Silk Soymilk. Even better than the real thing, with less calories to boot! I'm a huge Silk fan, and I love their vanilla. I'm also a calorie watcher, though, and I love the reduced cal version of my favorite soy milk.

Amy's Organic Bean and Cheese Burrito. Simply put, Amy is my homegirl. I live on these things, and I'm not even a huge fan of Mexican cuisine. The size of the burrito is generous, and it's pretty filling at that (great for a girl like me who's hungry five minutes after lunch). I honestly probably come close to eating one a day everyday. At 300 calories, who could blame me? ;-)

Morningstar Farms Mini Veggie Corn Dogs. Microwave 'em and in a matter of minutes, you're in corn dog heaven--a meat-free one, that is. They taste so much like "real" corn dogs, it's almost alarming. They're addictive. And delicious. And did I mention addictive? If you like the real thing, you'll love the imitation even more.

Lean Cuisine Roasted Vegetable Pizza. A generous portion, perfectly seasoned. Three minutes in the micro on the included crisper, and you're in pizza heaven. I've never met a (non-meat) LC pizza product I didn't like, though. All their pizzas are where.it's.at.

I'll update these as my obsessions tastes obsessions change. ;-)

Oh, and welcome to my "foodie" journal. <3